Being born between Lisbon and Almada (not exactly in the river, but in both cities), Joana easily acquired all the fundamental tools you need to live amongst people from Portugal’s capital and people from the suburbs. Those tools made her as she is today: a super-creative-easy-going-lady-with-skills-for-almost-anything.

The combo of studying Product Design and having a post-rock band gave her a post-creative way of seeing life, making all her projects 4 dimensional, in a way that she can develop any kind of idea in any kind of environment. From her project for Sagres (a portuguese beer) to Kit Kat, her work unfolds into a variety of options. In those two cases we are talking about Product design, but with Joana we can never say it’s “her main trait”, graphic design and the capacity of understanding how the client/people think in general is something that has such a power that you can’t find it everywhere.

Her branding work for an early cancer detection technology startup, called “ConquerX”,  is a good example of something neat, clean and organized, from the logo to the colours, never forgetting the story behind the brand, pretty much the same she did with her branding work for a London law firm that provides legal services to emerging startups. The first example also shows a special attention to important issues.

Her branding work for Carrozo also shows her ability to create diversified pieces with attention to detail, combining perfect colours with the best fonts.

Her work as co-founder and head of design for Line Health lead her from Lisbon to Berlin and then to Boston, where she continues to spread her amazing work and influencing people around her in such a positive way for society.

In 2018, design combines much more than just the technical part of it. In fact, the technical part is perceived by some as a secondary thing, since the idea and creativity behind it showcase much more of the artist and even of the “piece” itself. Joana Vieira combines the best parts of both realities in design. She’s an avid adventurer, exploring different styles and combinations, but also with the basics in her mind.

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